November 28th, 2007

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Kick-ass Dream

I apologise for the South Parkism, but it really was. So much so that I've left it unfiltered to share with my entire f-list.

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It kind of reminds me of those dreams I used to have in my late teens about meeting Richard O'Brien and him always being lovely (I had a spate of them following a couple of Rocky Horror tours). It's nice to dream about celebrities you're never likely to meet and have them be really pleasant, just in case they're complete bastards in real life. :)

And the first paragraph of this dream has reminded me I must type up my horrible standed-in-outer-London dream, before I forget it. In fact, there are quite a few I need to type up...

In other news, I went back to choir last night and managed to warble my way through, as well as picking up my Tewkesbury CD, so look out for an MP3 later...

The only thing about Christmas lately that I enjoy is the singing. Christmas isn't Christmas without singing, and I love love love Christmas music. It's always so beautiful, exactly what I think choir music should sound like. Christmas with CBC is always jam packed: two Messiah concerts, two sessions of carol singing, and then the Christmas concert on top of that. (16 December, 2.30pm, if anyone wants to come...) For the two Christmasses I spent without being in a choir, I felt rather... disconnected from the whole thing.

I tend to reserve all of my Christmas spirit solely for the singing, I think... working full-time turns me into something of a Grinch, combined with the living Hell that is the German Market, working right next to it, and the general mass of people that seem to be EVERYWHERE at this time of year. The very thought of Christmas shopping saps any enthusiasm that I may have had...

I got paid today, including the additional back-payment of cost-of-living increase that we were meant to get in April but which wasn't agreed because of Single Status... so basically, I got about £170 more than usual, and it's taken me up to £50 overdrawn. I don't know where the Hell all my money is going. Or, well, I do, but it won't be resolved until the new year. Considering I started trying to sort my finances out in March, I was hoping to be back on track by now. And I know I keep on whinging about it, but it's bloody annoying.

It's almost as bad as when I was at Uni in my third year, but with the added annoyances of earning regular money, paying LESS rent, NOT going to see musicals all over the place, and STILL being broke. So I'm sure my frustration is understandable.

2007 has been kind of sucky. I've been constantly unwell, I've been almost constantly paranoid, I've been constantly broke, nothing bloody works, I've put money and effort into things to no avail, and generally I've been a bit of a grumpy-arse a lot of the time. If 2008 doesn't buck its ideas up, I may have to just give up altogether.

Anyway. I'm going to stop writing this one now, otherwise I’ll spend all day moaning and the entry will be ridiculously long…
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Random - Garbo

How ironic.

I am nothing if not a self-fulfilling prophesy.

I'm re-reading my journal from end to start, for no other reason than I'm bored. I found this in an entry whilst I was still at Uni, on 13 March 2004 at 4.02am. It was towards the end of my final year when I was full of angst about what the hell I was going to do next, and the post was a long rant about the same...

"get job. (attempt to continue writing, before watching creativity wither and die completely.) the end."

That's really quite depressing. :(
Priscilla - Drag Crossing

Frivolous Purchases.

I left work at 4.00 today, and am subsequently missing on the drinks at the German Market, mostly because a) I'm knackered and b) me + people = stabbing.

So, I got the 35 home, since it happened to be on Corporation Street (I'm too lazy to walk to Moor Street), which is much quicker at that time of the afternoon, and despite all best intentions ended up going to look in Priceless Shoes because they had a sale on. And spent £15 in there. Oh well. That's what the savings account is for. (Well, it's not actually, but anyway...)

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Bargains R fun.

Also went to Sainsbury's to get something for tea, even though it's expensive, because I've been tired all day and can't be bothered to try and make Christmas cards tonight even though I really should. They're a pain in the bloody arse. I have Bombay potato for starter and butter chicken with rice for seconds, and also got some poppadoms. Yum. And I have cake in the fridge. Caaake.

Anyway, that's it. I think I'll slob around online for a bit, since I rarely get the luxury any more. :P

(PS: I apologise for the quality of the pics; blame dark carpets, 40-watt bulbs and a camera-phone.)
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