December 4th, 2007

Random - Oblivion wheels

Modern Technology Fails Again.

We just had a minor network outage, for all of 20 seconds. Not knowing this, I tried to save the bundle index I'd just updated, only to have it go horribly wrong, corrupt the table, and refuse to reopen the file. And obviously, it failed to save the changes. So I've had to delete it and start again from scratch using the original, plus the new dictated additions.

I think tables in Word frell up more than anything else. If your table gets corrupted, there's very little chance you can save it. I used to have similar problems at Ladywood, as all of our templates were form / table based, and subsequently a pain in the arse if they decided not to work, or you accidentally hit 'delete' when you meant 'return'... especially because they were chock-full of random macros that actually didn't work properly, and always assumed you were only writing about one child.

Luckily enough, in this case, the bundle index wasn't that long, otherwise I would have been more annoyed.

I'm hoping there'll be enough work to sustain me until 6.00 this evening, although I'm now very confused about when the heck our first Messiah concert is. I was convinced it was this Saturday, the website says Friday, in which case there's no way I'll be able to make the rehearsal before the concert, as it takes up an entire afternoon... Meh. I may consider not doing the two Messiahs, to be honest, as I still don't know it well enough and missing two rehearsals has done nothing for learning it better, let alone the carols for next Sunday. I need to practice them quite substantially before then, as well as making out which ones we're doing from the carol books. And, actually, I'm sure we haven't even rehearsed Away In A Manger yet because the librarian accidentally got the wrong version... I presume we'll be looking at that tonight...

I am starving. This 'having breakfast regularly' thing isn't working out like it used to...

Edit, after lunch: I just made a very rubbish start on my Christmas shopping - some not-too-hideous, fairly non-offensive wrapping paper (18m for £2.00) and some still coloured lights for the tree (£1.00). And I've already lost the will to live. Bloody annoying people everywhere.
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