December 10th, 2007

NBC - tower light

Right then.

On Wednesday I have a flex day, and I will NOT spend it sleeping, but will GO OUT to BUY CHRISTMAS PRESENTS with my LACK OF MONEY.

I have no idea what to get Paul, and Dave (the Principal Solicitor in our bit of the office) is my Secret Santa recipient, so gawd alone knows what I'm going to get for him. My plan involves:

1. Cheap books;

2. German market randomness; and

3. Festivals in Kings Heath.

And probably a few random New Street stalls and whatnot because srsly I am skint OMG.

Not much else to report on...

Messiah concert on Friday night went well, considering it was the first time I'd sung it all the way through; hopefully Tuesday will go even better now I know what I'm doing. The Hallelujah chorus made my spine tingle, which was nice...

I need to book Paul a ticket for the Christmas concert in a moment, assuming the website is working. Forget that, it's completely sold out. Bollocks.

Oh yes, and we put our tree up on Saturday, so now the presents Jen and Dave brought over a few weeks ago (how organised are they??) have somewhere to live until Christmas Day. I'll post photographs later...

Hrm, I need a Christmas icon.
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