December 12th, 2007

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Christmas Shopping.

Today I have been uber-productive, or uber-destructive, depending on how you look at it... I got the majority of my Christmas shopping done, at the very least, but I'm going to be raiding the savings account to cover the more expensive purchases (namely the Waterstone's / Disney Store stuff)...

The only remaining things to get are stuff for my grandmother and uncle and Paul's in-laws, which I think we're going jointly on if all else fails, money being rather tight. I've pretty much decided to get my uncle the Simpsons movie as he wanted to see it in the summer, and the others are still a mystery.

I'm quite proud of some of the purchases this year - as anticipated, the majority are books, including some for people I didn't intend to get things for at all, as inspiration struck at the opportune moment... As for Dave at work, he's getting various silly things from Festivals - a recycled pencil that reads "I used to be a plastic cup" (which will be adorned with a post-it reading "Sustainability-Friendly"), a stapler shaped like a hippo, which is the nickname they have for a particularly horrible Judge in the County Court, and a digital clock that rotates so you can stand it anywhere and have it be the right time.

I managed to get stuff for doec and thefleshfailure also, and I intend to copy dren loads of CDs for people as well, because it's easy...

On the way into town, however, the bank rang me up again. Basically, as my account is changing from a graduate account, they want to talk to me about my overdraft (and presumably the reduction thereof - I have a plan with regards to this, but it involves being back in credit...) and also the loan which Paul took out on our joint account, as it's technically a graduate loan. The woman on the phone asked when I was free for a meeting with someone - obviously, I didn't want to go into the bank today, so I said Saturday. She sounded quite put out.

Yeah, that's right, bank - I WORK during the week. Idiots.

So anyway, we have to go and see 'Colleen' at the Kings Heath branch on Saturday at 10.45... Hurrah.

I have Christmas pretty much planned now, I think...

Friday 14 December: works do, which I will probably only attend for a while, depends how tired I am, especially given I now have to go to the bloody bank on Saturday morning.

Sunday 16 December: Christmas concert. Yay concert!

Friday 21 December: payday! And hence, subsequent trip to Asda for Christmas shop.

Saturday 22 December: going to see grandmother - must ring in advance to check.

Sunday 23 December: family around for present-passing.

Monday 24 December: Christmas Eve and possible drinking if such is happening. If not - blissful relaxation, or getting a cheap turkey from the butcher.

Christmas Day: SLEEP.

Box Day: SLEEP

Thursday 27 December: At work. Boo.

Friday 28 December: Annual Leave.

Etc. It's best to write these things down.

I should go and wrap some presents - the tree is looking quite forlorn. I'll post some photos later, probably, when my hands have warmed up a bit...

In the meantime, have some Christmassy icons. The icon on this post is from a set I made a couple of years ago and Yvette's expression basically embodies my attitude towards Christmas at the moment. Bless her.

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And that's it. A-wrapping I shall go. And also washing up. Hoorah.
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