December 13th, 2007

WIW - Marian

More icons.

When Paul goes out boozin' to Armchair Revolutionary Thursday (or ART for short), I end up being productive. Have finished wrapping those presents which are present, other than Paul's birthday present as that will wait until I have non-Christmas wrapping paper, and put them under the tree. Tomorrow I must phone my grandmother.

And here are some more icons...

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Thought I'd use Marian on this one because I tend to neglect her a bit... hence the expression, obviously. :P

Also this evening I have: attached extension lead to wall by television unit (by way of thumb tacks, as the only screws we own were too big for the holes) in order to free up double-socket extension cube thingimabob, in further order to plug in a heater on this landing. It's only just about taken the edge off, but I attribute that today to the fact that Jesus Christ, it's cold.

Anyway. I did, however, completely forget to tape Buzzcocks for Paul, as I thought it was on at 9.30 and not 9.00 - anyone know if it's on Replay?

I shall slob about online for a bit until bed. *goes to put on electric blanket*
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