December 18th, 2007

Christmas - berries

Concert, etc.

I suppose I should do an update.

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I only have a little bit more shopping to do (it wasn't as finished as I thought) but I'm hoping The Works will throw up some more gems in that regard.

I braved the post office yesterday to get everything sent out that needed sending - people should have cards winging their way towards them shortly. I left work at 3.30 with the hope of beating the crowds, but it was still horrendously busy. First I had to queue to buy jiffy bags, then had to queue again to get more (they also don't appear to sell a size between "too small" and "not small enough", which is a pain), then had to find a space on the shelves to fill in the addresses and get everything packed (and half of the stupid gift tags have fallen off as well) and then had to queue to get them sent. Everything cost a grand total of £15.00 to send out, which included seven First Class stamps, three UK-bound packages, one US-bound package, and two US-bound cards. (And those customs forms really take all the fun out of sending people gifts when you have to bloody well declare what's in the package. Bah. I would just put "gift", but I can imagine some stupid US customs person declaring it a bomb threat.)

Other than that, the rest of this week currently stands something like this:

Tuesday - Thursday: work, and last-minute shopping, and last-minute wrapping.
Friday: Christmas food shop at Asda. We must be insane.
Saturday afternoon: visiting grandmother and uncle avec presents.
Sunday evening: family coming over (7.00ish) for present-swapping.
Christmas Eve: drinks at Briar with Lloyd and Derek et al.
Christmas Day: the end.

It's bloody freezing in here again.
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