December 19th, 2007

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The Annual Bah-Humbug

A little later than usual, but nevertheless...

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The remaining days until Christmas have now become far more stressful than they should have been, as I need to make a cake for work and - of course - have decided to try and make proper satin icing again, not least because it's too bloody expensive to buy pre-rolled. Which now means:

Tonight: shopping for lemon juice and food colouring. Attempt to make icing tonight so that if it goes wrong I can revert to my bog-standard uber-lemon cream icing instead. This task would have been made easier if Paul had cleaned the bloody kitchen surfaces yesterday like I asked him to, because that's something else I have to do before I can make the icing.
Thursday: make cake, after last-minute Christmas shopping that I should already have bought because I'm forgetful and stupid.
Friday: Asda food shop. Possibly going out drinking depending on where it is and what mood I'm in. Suspect this may end in tears.
Saturday: visit grandmother.
Sunday: people coming over.

The rest I've already said.

I want to live under a rock until Christmas goes away. I can't cope with all this.

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Christmas - and life - can fuck right off, as ever. I like Christmas, dammit. I don't want to hate it this much.

I'll be under that rock. *points* Wake me when it's over.
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