January 8th, 2008

Chicago - cell block tango

New CDs

Well, I got my £7 back. Unfortunately Zavvi didn't have any spare jewel cases to replace the broken one... What kind of self-respecting music store doesn't have spare CD cases? Anyway, I replaced it with the case off Paul's new CD, as the back insert of his was just plan yellow...

I left work at 3.30 yesterday, mostly because my back was hurting again - I don't think I slept very well on Sunday night because my stomach was playing up, which might account for it. Luckily said stomach seems to be settling. At least leaving early gave me a chance to get to Boots (for more co-codamol; I've lost the ones from the hospital in our black hole of a flat) and Zavvi when there were no crowds...

Once home I reset the heating controls to come on at 4.15 instead of 5.00, as I am frequently home before the house warms up, and then sat down to listen to the new CDs.

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Other than that, I played a lot of Picross on the Gameboy (I got a craving for it and don't have the DS version yet...), cooked a pork-based bolognese type thing for tea, and watched The Others on BBC2. I've seen that film about five times now and I still don't completely know Collapse ). The film never really makes it explicitly clear; Kidman's character does confirm it, but she's not really of sound mind at that point... I even went to the usually-reliable IMDB, but there was as much speculation there as ever... Possibly I should watch the DVD copy I've had for years to see if there's any revealing featurettes...

I've also nearly finished reading Russell Brand's My Booky Wook; there's something quite addictive about it. He's a human car crash, really.

First choir rehearsal of the season tonight, so I'm at work until 6.00 again. I stayed in bed until 8.00 this morning because I was knackered, and was only 15 minutes late for work anyway... Although 'late' is relative when you have flexitime.

At least the work is fairly fluid today...
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MH - tekiclutch - spirit bunnies


Temporary new layout (it's called "Fleur") until I make a new one which actually fits my monitor layout. It's at least more work-safe than the bright pink slash-fest of the Priscilla one, though I have a horrible suspicion it will completely fail to load at home.

The subtitle (Miniature Disasters) is a KT Tunstall song, and the comment links (Stick By Your Side and Only # Fool/s) are from Cerys Matthews's "Only A Fool". Just because I always wanted to use the former for something and the latter is one of my favourite songs.
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