January 11th, 2008

MH - numb haven - K/Y

Random dream and more fic inspiration

I'm sure I had a longer dream than this, but anyway, here's the 5-minute snippet from just before I woke up.

Collapse )

As for the random fic inspiration, I decided last night that I should do an Ugly Betty fic to the song "Strange Glue" by Catatonia. Collapse ) I think the writers-strike-induced haitus is starting to get to me. But yeah, I can definitely use it for a current-season fic. "Rain..." isn't set anywhere in particular, but the current events in the show Collapse ) would make perfect fodder for using the song.

I happened to notice this whilst listening to Winamp last night; sometimes, songs just stick out for no apparent reason, though it's nice to be getting the inspiration back again, slowly.

Which reminds me, the PC started first time and kept going until I turned it off, and I was playing online games and listening to music at the same time without it freezing. Clearly it just needed a bit of a dust. Weird thing.

We had a bit of a move around in here today. I didn't move but used all the moving as an excuse to rearrange my desk. Knackered now, though. Could quite happily have a bit of a nap...
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Edward - snow

Boo. :(

Well, it was snowing. :( We had a one-minute flurry (which obviously didn't settle due to the torrential rain today) and now it's gone again.

Stoopid Birmingham pollution.

However, I very nearly did as per my icon as I got off the bus, so that's something.
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Buffy - sanity


*falls over*

Fanfiction.Net have finally brought back non-conventional punctuation to their story summaries.

Bearing in mind their idea of 'non-conventional punctuation' included hyphens, slashes, plus symbols, brackets (!!) and occasionally even ellipses. Now we can finally notate pairings like we're supposed to. So I've gone through my story list correcting the originally grammatically perfect fic summaries which FFN saw fit to strip of all of the above, thus making them completely incoherent.

I imagine they did this in an effort to stop stupid txtspk happening, but JESUS. Banning slashes just took it a bit too far, and was so monumentally stupid I even considered starting a petition...

Anyway. They're finally pulling their heads out of their arses. Thank god.
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