January 15th, 2008

Photo - leaves


Haven't really done anything - quiet weekend, writing fanfiction. Second choir rehearsal tonight and I hope to God this bloody opera stuff gets easier.

Went swimming with herringprincess for the first time in five weeks yesterday and didn't drown - we managed eight lengths but it took a bit longer than usual. I'm hoping swimming will be good for my back, anyway.

The latest Ugly Betty fic is coming on in leaps and bounds, which I suspect is because of the hiatus. I really need to finish the other one, but may post the first chapter of this one (hopefully tonight or tomorrow) as it's now finished, to make people aware of my presence again... It's not like the other one is in plot limbo, I just keep losing inspiration for it...

Vicky (Uni Vicky) has invited me to EuroDisney with her parents and herself (four-people-are-cheaper, obviously) some point next year so that'll be cool. May have to take a day out to go to Paris, though. Also would love to be able to make my own way there via plane and train again, but suspect that would be rather stupid on my own, even though I remember the route. The train navigation was my favourite bit of the holiday in September, second only to the Palais Garnier. I hate being reliant on tour guides and taxis, it takes all the fun out of things...

I think that's about everything. Watch this space for the UB-fic update, if anyone cares...
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