January 18th, 2008

STVOY - Mary Sues

Something I Have Realised About My Fanfics.

This only occurred to me quite recently, but seems to ring true consistently. In every single one of the fandoms I have or have ever written fanfiction for, I have one piece which is my 'magnum opus' of that fandom. This is a fic which is epically long, fluidly written, explores as many issues as can be crammed into one story and focuses heavily on character. And, every single time, it remains unfinished.

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I don't have one for Ugly Betty yet because I've only just started. I'll keep you posted, though "Strange Glue" is shaping up to be similar in form, as it explores emotional and character issues and very little else.

We have a 'new' PC from a bloke at Paul's work. Unfortunately it's a desktop (not a tower) but hopefully should work better than the one we have at present. I might ring my mum this afternoon and see if she still has her external Zip drive (mine is internal) and failing that, find a nice person to swap it for me. ;) Otherwise I'm going to have to put everything onto CD - along with everything on the old HDD.

I'll hopefully get around to plugging it in tomorrow and have a proper look at the spec then. In any case, it's free, and it can't exactly be any WORSE. :P

I'm going to lunch now. Over and out.

Edit, 18.21: I added another fic to the list. Have PC; must now do copious copying of things to CD.
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