January 23rd, 2008

Buffy - sanity

I know I'm faster than them, but this is ridiculous...

So, Ama and I have a deal whilst Noor is on holiday. I am not to let anyone else take her tapes, and she will buy me chocolate before she leaves in February.

This is because Noor and I are used to Ama's (usually quite awful) dictation and generally get it done a lot quicker than the other WPOs in the team.

Of course, the other WPO in our team is Sandra, who works as a secretary on Mondays and Tuesday and occasionally deigns to turn up looking for work from our tray once in a blue moon, takes bloody hours about it and only manages to turn up when there's not enough work to sustain two of us, let alone three.

The last three times she's taken one of Ama's tapes she's taken all day to get it done, resulting in Ama stressing out and making me swear never to let her take them again, as above.

A couple of times I've managed to stop her picking things up (urgents, mostly) because I've been finishing something off, but this morning she booked in a full-tape dictation from Ama before I'd even arrived, and took it to do.

She signed it out at 8.30am.

When Ama returned from Court at about 1.45pm, it had still not been completed. So she went down to find out where it was and there was apparently still half a tape left. So, not over 5 hours to do a full tape, but over 5 hours to do half a tape? I know her dictation is difficult, but that is clearly unacceptable. I keep telling her to bring it up with Marie as there's nothing I can do about it (after the temp I'm the least senior member of the WPO team) but she doesn't want to...

Oddly enough, it appeared at 2.00, completed. God knows what she was doing for those first 5 1/2 hours before that she didn't do in the next 15 minutes, but I presume it equated to gossping and sendng emails.

So yeah. This is admittedly the worst its got to, but she's not much bloody help to us if we have to go chasing her work, and she's made some silly mistakes for other fee earners as well, like re-saving a template document under the same name instead of as a new file...

If it carries on I'm going to have to mention it in supervision... Luckily enough she didn't spot the urgent from Ian when she came up before otherwise that would have been gone an hour as well, especially as it involved making a table from scratch.

I despair, I really do...
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