January 24th, 2008

SB - Betty - Oh you!

Some fragmented thoughts...

I love the irony of this: there was a van outside the office this morning collecting our confidential waste for shredding and recycling - obviously, a very green thing to do. Except it had its engine running, in order to shred the shredding. Nice going. :P

I posted chapter three of "Strange Glue" last night (I need to work on Chapter 5 before I post the next one, though) and also wrote a bit of chapters seven and eight of "Rain...", which has suddenly come out of hibernation. I had three reviews last night before bed - I checked again this morning to find 18!! One for "Rain" and the others for "Glue". Note to self: Shippiness Sells. (I'm really proud of what I did for "Rain" last night; the fluff completely came out of nowhere and took over, and means I don't have to do two alternative endings because I managed to combine them...)

Kate (Solicitor) made us all giggle this morning... She was trying to give out her email address to somebody clueless on the phone. (For clarity, our email addresses read as name_surname@... or name.surname@...). The conversation on our end follows:

Kate: "It's 'Kate', 'underscore'... no, it's like a line..." [cue much more of the same] "Do you want to just give me your email address and I'll email you..." [afterwards, hen the conversation was over...] "I can't spell it. It's a f*cking underscore!

Here's another one, though possibly it's another of those "only funny if you do nothing but type all day" moments: the tape I just picked up from Heather is a Statement of Facts (i.e. a document listing all the facts of the case / history that prove that a child should be adopted) and she began it with "This is for Judge X so it needs to be perfect." (Judge X hates the local authority about 95% of the time, for no apparent reason...)

I've finally been paid, four days earlier than usual but three days later than anticipated - it won't help that much with February being a five-week month, but Paul is meant to be givnig me lots of money in February to make up for it. At this rate I'll believe it when I see it, but only because having no money for a year has made me rather cynical...

Gosh, I'm tired. I woke up at about 5.00am today for no reason at all, and even though I've been going to bed early, it's only so I can write for a couple of hours without it ending up at midnight...

Ah well. Nearly lunchtime.
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