January 25th, 2008

Random - Trees

A Few Rambling Ponderings

Fandom dream last night (filtered), about Ugly Betty. Collapse )

Bugger off, life. Go and bother someone else.

(Oh, and the typing faga continues: 1 hour and 45 minutes for half a tape this morning. Which is still better than nearly 6 hours for a full tape, but this morning it was an urgent. In my brain, "urgent" translates as "back within an hour" - and she sent an email in the course of typing it. Or more than likely before even starting it. I might take photocopies of our typing book and highlight the offences to Marie when I have my supervision, whenever that is, because it's getting silly. It reflects badly on me and our team's turnover, because when things don't come back within the expected (i.e. 'my') time, I'm the first port of call for the moaning.)

I should sign this off. I'm far too tired to be trying to think, let alone string coherent sentences together.
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