January 29th, 2008

JC - Jonathan - eww


My body has a rather bizarre sense of irony...

I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday morning, at which I will be asking several things:

1. Referral for physio for my back;
2. Referral for mole removal (below navel, poss. one on face because it's evil and hairy);
3. Pills + discussion of same.

I will no doubt be there for ages, but all this stuff does happen at once. Collapse )

Anyway, I was thinking on the bus this morning that my back has actually been okay for a while since the flare-up in December and that I might... avoid the physio referral for a while. So, obviously, this morning, it decided to flare up again. Just to remind me it was there, you know.

I blame the fact that I had two urgents to do this morning, one of which was from last night and which I asked for help with (we are apparently understaffed and Sandra's a secretary Monday and Tuesday) and the other of which became urgent as a result because otherwise it would have been delayed. I was just finishing the second one as my back flared up again.

Stress-related anyone? I suspected as much the first time but this seems to prove it.

It is INSANELY busy today. Makes a change for a Tuesday. I am now taking a well-earned lunchbreak having worked non-stop since 9.00am...
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