February 2nd, 2008

Edward - butterfly

Exciting things.

The next couple of months are shaping up to be quite exciting. I have a diary to keep track of these things, but I'll put them here, too...

14th February - Valentine's Day - day off work, possible trip planned to Derby for the day, because I haven't been back for ages.
15th February - another day off work, which will be spent burning CDs and finding a present for thefleshfailure's birthday. Paul and I also have a table booked at a local French restaurant on Poplar Road (it was booked out on Valentine's Day) which is apparently really nice.
16th February - day trip to Essex to see thefleshfailure. Mostly, it's probably cheaper for me to go there, and anyway I fancied going on the Tube for some reason. ;)
12th March - Tutankhamun Exhibition at the O2 Arena
15-25th March - sum total of Easter leave, weekends and Bank Holidays included. Ahhhh, leave. :)
31st March - seeing Derren Brown live at the Derby Assembly Rooms (Wolverhampton was sold out).
7-8th April - Jen & Dave's wedding up near Manchester. Hopefully I won't be ill for this one.
16th April - our anniversary. Dunno what we're doing yet.

I think that's more than enough for the time being. At some point I need to book up for Mary Poppins at the Hippodrome but that can wait until I have some money. I'm not too fussed about where we sit for that.

Today I went out to buy some new / spare shoes for work as my others got completely sodden on Thursday morning with the rain. The new ones are equally not waterproof as they have little holes in the top, but at least it's a spare pair, and they're really soft and comfy. I nearly got a pair of heels to go with them but I would rarely wear them so decided not to bother. Also went to pick up my prescription (for the Pills) and popped to Wilkinson to get a potato peeler, and came out with an ice cream scoop and some more tongs...

Tomorrow we should be going to see Cloverfield, assuming I don't have a headache...

Hm, I'm tempted to tweak the first chapter of my latest Phantom fic and put it up... Damn those addictive reviews...
Photo - Atget mouth door


My Paris and EuroDisney photographs are now all on Facebook - well, most of them, excluding the indistinguishable blurry ones and some of the less interesting ones...

They are separated into three albums containig about 60 photographs each (maybe less in the last one):

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

As before (fireworks), they should be publically viewable.

There you go. Enjoy.