February 11th, 2008

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Some ramblings and a recipe

This weekend was actually semi-productive, even though the productivity was quite boring in and of itself...

On Saturday we were actually up before 10.00. I headed out to pick up my prescription (finally, I have some medication!) and other bits, including stuff to make a shepherd's pie later in the evening (onion, carrot, swede), meat from the butcher and a lottery ticket.

Then I decided to sort out the pile of miscellaneous paper and card that had accumulated in the living room, managed to form a sizeable pile of recycling, file away the payslips and bills, and then discovered a boxful of random stuff which must have been on the shelves since the day we moved in, and a box of ornaments which are now on the shelf freed up by said box.

We went to the pub for one drink and picked up some stuff from the off-licence on the way back. I have a bottle of blue Reloaded Red Square in the fridge which is really gloopy and quite horrible, but I think I've just lost my taste for alcopops in general really... I should probably finish it, though.

The shepherd's pie was very very nice and very large, so we have the remainder for lunch today. It also turns out I like swede, and I made a valiant effort with the carrots (Somerfield were selling a bag of diced carrot and swede for 60p) but I'm afraid they defeated me after a while... Still, an effort is an effort, and I'm slowly trying to extend my repertoire of vegetables-I-will-eat. In any event, it's better than about three years ago when all I would eat were potatoes and parsnips. :P

Of the evening we watched The Passion of the Christ, which was... well, what it says on the tin, really. Collapse )

Anyway, that's enough about that.

Sunday was equally lazy and involved doing some embroidery and finally sitting down to listen to Danny Elfman's Serenada Schizphrena, which was... interesting. I need to listen to it again a bit more thoroughly but there are some very nice moments in it, a lot of it is very typical Elfman but with a more, um, symphonic approach...

I shall leave you with a recipe for my shepherd's pie...

Collapse )

Lovely jubbly. :)

I am becoming quite the culinary goddess. I'm going to attempt something from our new Italian recipe book for Valentine's day, so that should be interesting...