February 12th, 2008

Google - Work

Tuesday stuffs.

Today has been INSANE. I mean, really. There are only two types of working day in this place: slow and lazy, or busy and frantic. Yesterday was the same, with everything I did being either urgent or an amendment, with more stuff subsequently becoming urgent. Just as well I'm trying to build flex as my early days (usually Wednesday and Monday) have disappeared this week - I was here until 5.15 yesterday, 6.00 today (normal) and then here until 5.15 tomorrow as a few of us are going to see Sweeney Todd at the Odeon at 5.30 (woo!) - it's been literally years since I saw something there...

Well, I shall bash out a couple more tapes before I go to choir, hopefully, and clear the rest tomorrow assuming it's not so insane. I dread to think what I'll come back to on Monday after my two days off...

I ventured out at lunchtime today to find a Valentine's card for Paul and WOW. Talk about last-minute shoppers. I could barely get near the stand in WHSmith's to find one, and eventually just grabbed the first non-descript, non-tacky, pretty-looking card I could find and got out of there. Town was just bloody ridiculous. Bloody half term. Children should be banned from going into Birmingham until they're 18, whether they are with their parents or otherwise, and that's final.

The plan for the rest of this week is as follows:

Wednesday - Work; Sweeney Todd of the evening
Thursday - Valentine's Day. Must get ingredients for meal and chocolate-type stuff. Make start on copying CDs for Eni.
Friday - Day off: finish copying CDs (hopefully), plus GP appointment in the morning so I'll at least be up early and some home baking. Meal at 7.30 at the local French restaurant.
Saturday/Sunday - venturing down to Essex to see Eni. By train, as it cuts out the Saturday morning Hell of Victoria station. Meh.

And then back to work, oh joy. But then it's nearly March and hence nearly time for my two weeks off, which I DESERVE after today. :P

That'll do for now.