February 13th, 2008

PotC - eurothrashed - rumgone


Thank God, it's a bit quieter today. Naturally, help came 24 hours too late, but at least I should get through the backlog today.

We did some more of Porgy and Bess last night and a bit of the Borodin. Things are starting to come together, at last, and the opera concert should sound bloody marvellous. The good (or bad, depending on which way you look at it) thing about this opera stuff is there are plenty of ridiculously high notes at the end of songs. We have multitudinous top Bs in everything, and a top C in Carmen. The majority of sopranos see these notes coming and instantly balk at the concept, but they're great fun to sing. :D (Though possibly forcing the altos to hit a high E is a little unfair...)

I'm getting back into the mindset of why I love being a soprano. It's instant stress relief for a start, and there's that wonderful feeling of the top of your head kind of... floating away. And that amazing sense of achievement when you aim for something high and it comes out note-perfect. When I was an alto at school I lasted about three weeks, but only because I prefer to sing high - I was put in altos because I can hold a tune and hence that part is more challenging in terms of the actual music. I just like showing off. ;)

Also, I think that period where I couldn't talk for a week - or sing for three - seems to have improved my upper range... Or it's just because I'm back into the flow of things. Either way, the fact that ridiculously high notes do not kill me is very much appreciated. ;)

I've been knackered this week - definitely looking forward to a lie in tomorrow, and the fact that I can stay up to finish my "Rain..." epilogue fic, as I promised to post the second half (well, second two-thirds, really) on Valentine's Day... I keep getting literally a paragraph from the end and then the Muse kicks me in the head with randomness, so it's going to need editing. Well, that's assuming I'm not half-asleep after Sweeney Todd tonight... woo, Depp goodness. Again. :D

Anyway, I shall now finish my all day breakfast sandwich (minus the tomatoes). What is it about that Tesco in the city centre that renders everyone within it completely within it totally without gorm?
Christine - I can't escape

Truth Meme snerched from Lorna

Cleared the backlog and now, obviously, am bored. Here is a meme to while away my time for a bit. Apparently you have to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth on this one, so here we go.

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Anyway. That killed some minutes. Now to tackle this 20-minute long monstrosity before I can go home...
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