February 19th, 2008

Photo - Sunset orange

Something hopefully productive.

I have added the all_unwritten community to my friends list. It's basically a word/photo prompting community and whilst I don't particularly feel the need to join it, I'm hoping the prompts will poke the Muses into something other than Ugly Betty fanfic. Not that I'm complaining, mind. It would just be nice to stretch the ol' writing muscle a bit.

So. Here's hoping.

Talking of which, I really really need to bloody well finish the "Rain..." epilogue and write chapter 5 of "Strange Glue" so I can post chapter 4. The staying-a-chapter-ahead-of-myself technique is a good one for getting stuff done if I can stick to it...

I'm actually looking forward to rehearsal tonight, for the first time in absolutely ages. I'm not horribly tired (although will be by the time I'm going home) and the opera stuff - evil Verdi Italian awfulness aside - is really great fun to sing. Yay on enjoyment of activities I should be enjoying, rather than dread, I suppose. :)

Swimming last night was also productive. Up to 10 lengths now, which equates to about 200m. Also the bank have finally agreed to give Paul a loan holiday so I'm stressing a little less about affording David's birthday on Friday.

This week's to-do / activity list:

Wednesday - Kiwi's civil partnership celebration drinks, which I think are happening at the OJS.
Friday - gathering for David's birthday: meal at wagamama following by drinking.

Was meant to be seeing Sweeney Todd then but will have to call a rain check, alas. Ah well. I might join them for one drink whilst waiting for Paul to get into town from work, but we'll see how it goes.