February 22nd, 2008

Spuffy - numb

Traffic and Shipping and Nothing Much Else

Despite only leaving the house 5 minutes late this morning, I didn't get to work until 9.50. I was stuck on the bus for at least an hour between Moseley and Balsall Heath because of heavy traffic. Whilst waiting, two ambulances went past in the direction of whatever was holding everything up, so obviously I assumed there'd been some kind of horrible traffic accident.

When we finally reached Moseley Baths, the culprit turned out to be a piddly bit of road works on both sides of the road just before the Baths, which was holding up the traffic in both bloody directions. I ask you, what was wrong with waiting until the weekend?

So that was fun.

Last night was about decent television, although I do wish the BBC wouldn't compete with themselves as well as everyone else. There were at least three things I wanted to watch last night: Ashes to Ashes (9.00pm on BBC1), the new That Mitchell & Webb Look (9.00pm on BBC2) and My Street (9.00pm on C4). Luckily Mitchell & Webb were on replay, but no sign of the street thing yet... the ending was good, so I wish I'd watched it. Channel Four is unwatchable through the aerial so I couldn't even tape it...

I am thoroughly enjoying Ashes..., though. As much as I enjoyed Life on Mars, this is different because I at least remember most of the 80s...

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In short, Gene/Alex FTW! ;)

Aside from the horrible journey this morning, today hasn't been too bad... Not long after I'd sat down, one of the senior solicitors from next door popped over to ask if I'd done the 8-page file note for her last night, then said it was "spot on!" (no amendments) and that she'd passed the message of thanks onto Marie for me as well. :D Oddly enough, during our team meeting yesterday (which was very silly and not even remotely serious throughout) it was discussed that all the teams have to go through the questions on the Staff Satisfaction Questionnaire and talk about how they can be improved or changed, and I was thinking something along the lines of gaining more job satisfaction through better praise and reward systems.

The people here are generally a lot more praising and appreciative of the typists than at Ladywood (or the rest of the Council in general, judging by the piss poor rates of pay we get elsewhere outside of Legal) but still, it's nice to be told. ;) I do feel a little like I'm making some small waves here. I'm the least senior WPO in the team (the temp aside) but have already been told that I give the impression of being here a lot longer. I was quite shocked recently to see amendments that came back for one of the long-term WPOs where the fee earner hadn't dictated which part of the UK the DX address was for and the WPO had sent it back to ask - which would be fair enough for something outside of Birmingham, but they should KNOW by now that C&J are based in Northfield, or AC are Birmingham 1, etc. It's like learning postcodes - makes your job easier and quicker. Are they all that lazy so as not to have learnt them, or am I just expecting too much?

Ah, well, this new performance-based payscale will hopefully separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were. I think some of them have only ended up as seniors because they've been here for centuries...

Half an hour til lunch. I am tempted by Pret soup today as one of them is mushroom risotto... mmm, rice. Of course, I will probably also have rice at wagamama later as I will inevitably be indecisive and fall back onto the chicken curry, but still... at least that's different rice. ;)

I shall now sign this off.