February 25th, 2008

MH - little boy lost

The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Weekend

Yeah. I've done literally nothing this weekend and it's disappeared at a rate of knots...

On Saturday we were up earlyish and went to the cafe for breakfast because everything edible was frozen. Back home via Lidl to pick up bin liners, juice and air freshener because the bottom of stairs - nay, our entire flat - smells horribly musty. This wasn't something I noticed when we first moved in because a) Trevor had put plug-in air fresheners everywhere and b) it was the middle of a heatwave so we had the kitchen window open all the time... Anyway, there's a plug-in behind the bin in the kitchen and one of those 'airwick'-style things on the stairs, which seems to be working.

I should also point out that the flat periodically just smells of socks. Not mine, I hasten to add. :P

Apart from that, I spent the day listening to music and doing a puzzle book, whilst Paul played his silly battle games on the PC. We had pork belly, garlic mash and broccauli mash for dinner and then watched The Number 23, which... wasn't entirely what I was expecting, although for once Jim Carrey didn't feel the need to play down the drama with slapstick or visual comedy (even in Eternal Sunshine there's that scene where he's a small child hiding under the table...) I enjoyed it, anyway. Possibly it has redeemed Joel Schmacher a little as a director, even though I still haven't forgiven him for Phantom...

Sunday was equally lazy, and mostly involved, for my part, fixing various items of clothing - mostly lost buttons. (I am a domestic goddess, oh yes.) It was only later on that I discovered the button I'd stolen from another part of my khaki padded coat in order to replace the missing one from the front was a completely different size... annoying that I lost the original and the spare in the first place, but yeah, I'll have to either resize the buttonhole or try and buy another one that's similar in size and colour... Can you even buy buttons any more?

So, three buttons and one fixed pocket lining later, and Paul headed off to play badminton. FFN decided to stop working, unfortunately, thus scuppering my plans for the evening, although I did finally finish "Only When It Rains" by hitting it with a mallet. Bloody thing just wanted to keep going.

Paul ended up not coming back until about 8.30, and also the chicken we'd planned for tea hadn't defrosted, so we walked to the chippy instead. Grumpiest serving girl ever.

Evening spent watching Wife Swap (this series they're really scraping the underbelly of society; it seems to have consisted entirely of religious nutters...) and then the final couple of episodes of Monkey Dust. The Brian Blessed animations are so totally out of place that they're hilarious. In the middle of this clever, post-modern series of animated shorts, you get a silly, Python-esque animation of Brian Blessed quoting random films and booming "HULLO! OI'M BRIAN BLESSED!" at the beginning and end. Sheer brilliance.

Oh, and on Friday we had a very nice meal at wagamama, although both Paul and my mum were totally drunk before we got there and it was a bit busy, but we all had a good time anyway. I'm finding it a lot easier these days to try and explain to my mum what I went through in 2005 without bursting into tears - it's just easier to talk about it in retrospect. Possibly I should have talked to her at the time, but that would only have made me feel worse, I think. Anyway, we had a long and slightly rambling conversation about things - including some current things - and even though the subsequent conversation with Paul ended up being a little melancholy, at least it wasn't too bad.

Gah. I meant to wash my hair yesterday and then decided against it because I'm going swimming tonight, but it's absolutely disgusting. I need to start remembering to have showers mid-week, but my hair's usually okay until about a day before I'm due to wash it again. I'm not one of those people who showers every morning, mostly because showers just make me tired, and as far as I know I don't smell - and even if I do, people are too polite to mention it.

Though, surely... if I did... I'm sure Sandra would have taken great pleasure in shouting it to anyone who would listen... ;)

As ever, when I do nothing all weekend I manage to write reams about it. Scintellating reading, I'm sure. :P

This Sunday is Mother's Day. I'm doing my Valentine's Day chicken-mushroom-gorgonzola creation again because there was plenty of it, and I think we're going to Asda on Friday because we've basically run out of food again... but considering we bought the majority of the last batch just before Christmas, two months isn't bad going. I really need to get a credit card for this kind of stuff...

Anyway, that's enough. This week I must make a start on chapter five of "Strange Glue", otherwise I'll be finishing it for next Christmas and it'll actually become seasonal again...