February 29th, 2008

Photo- rose


Happy Leap Year!

I have nothing else of consequence to say, except that I really liked last night's Ashes to Ashes... Yeah, okay, the shippiness was so horribly cliched that it was almost cringeworthy, but I don't think the Inner Shipper is that fussed, to be honest. ;) In the absence of any Ugly Betty (still!! Come on, C4!) I'm taking anything I can get... And the ending! Ha! Absolutely brilliant.

As to UB, RadioTimes.Com informs me that E4 are repeating what has been shown thus far in the UK of Season 2. This can mean two things: in the positive light, that they're doing a catch-up to get viewers back in touch before they show the new episodes; or, in the negative light, that they think the season has ended and these are just bog-standard repeats. I'm rooting for the former. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, C4 are showing their New Heroes of Comedy show for the foreseeable, so I'm not exactly on tenterhooks...

Must remember to watch the repeat of The Big Bang Theory tonight... It's a lot better than I was expecting; the humour sort of reminds me of Third Rock From the Sun...

I have my Dermatology appointment on 19th March - at least I'm on leave. Nothing so far regarding the physio, though. Before I opened the letter I thought it was going to be a polite reminder that I haven't paid for the prescription of co-codamol they gave me before Christmas (I couldn't find my chequebook at the time and only remembered yesterday, as it happens) but apparently they've forgotten... I don't know if the appointment is actually to get the mole removed or if it's a preliminary assessment type thing, but yeah. I shall take a photograph of the mole before I go for the purpose of before/after demonstrations. ;)

Big Asda shop tonight - with any luck, the last one to come out of my current account, as I'm going to apply for the credit card this weekend. I was in two minds about waiting until I'd got it, but then decided if they reject the application I'll be no better off, and either way we need more food fairly sharpish... This month has been a pain in the eema because it's five weeks long (thanks to the slightly earlier pay date in January). March is four weeks so hopefully shouldn't be so bad. I need to get back into trying not to spend more than £20 a week... unfortunately we're pretty busy until the end of April but hopefully shouldn't spend too much. I think we're driving to London for King Tut, and the most expensive thing should hopefully only be Jen's wedding in terms of travel and hotel... after that there's just our anniversary and then nothing, thankfully, until October. At least as far as I know. ;)

I'm going to end this post now, because we've just run out of work and otherwise I'll spend all day adding more pointlessness to it... So, consider yourselves lucky. :P