March 1st, 2008

Christmas - berries

Fruit testing update.

Okay, I just tried a few things out of the fridge out of curiosity... This reminds me of some kind of scientific experiment; you can view it as the workings of the mind of a first-time fruit eater.

Pomegranate seeds: beautifully juicy and I can cope with the texture of the fruit itself, but the actual seeds proved problematic. I'll work on it.

Raspberries: actually nicer than I was expecting but also quite different. Again with the seed problem...

Blueberries: weird. Kind of like grapes. Further tests required. ;)

Blackberries: definitely not. Don't like the flavour.

Banana: tastes okay (tangier than I was expecting) but the texture's a bit... bizarre.

Anyway, I stuck the remains of the banana into the smoothie maker along with a couple of spoonsful of pomegranate, a few raspberries and some strawberries, and a lot of apple juice. Then I had to sieve it to get rid of the bits of seed, but it actually tastes okay. That's desert, then. ;)
Photo - leaves

Fanfiction Meme.

Well, not so much a meme as a long questionnaire thing, but I have nothing better to do. Possibly I should stop hanging around online after I've done this, though, as I'm getting a crick in my neck... *adjusts chair*

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I quite enjoyed that. Insanely long, but I do like talking about fanfiction. *points to dissertation link* ;) *would point to dissertation link if it was still there...*