March 3rd, 2008

Photo - Sunset tree

Mothering Sunday

I hope any mothers on my f-list (I can't think of many...) had a nice Mother's Day yesterday. :) And for the rest of you, I hope you made your mothers feel loved and appreciated. :)

Sunday was nice. In the early afternoon we helped Jenny fold napkins for her wedding in April, which didn't take as long as expected. Paul and I did the folding whilst Jen and Lisa did the ribbon-tying. I procured a box from the attic to put them in and managed to cut my hand with the scissors in the process of taping it back together. Cue big eye roll, but at least it wasn't a deep cut.

Later that evening our mothers came around and I cooked them the dish I made Paul for Valentine's Day, which seemed to go down well. As anticipated, there was loads of it left. Also did some garlic bread for a starter. And had to swap the gorgonzola for brie at the last minute because I forgot David doesn't like any blue cheese... We bought some cream to provide a dessert (with the mounds of fruit in the fridge) but the pasta was clearly too filling. ;)

A nice evening, anyway.

Here is the recipe for the pasta dish, as far as I can remember it. This will serve 4-6 people depending on appetite and hunger. ;)

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I can assure you that it tastes exactly as good as it sounds. ;) Also suitable for veggies if chicken is substituted for that Quorn fake-chicken stuff, I imagine.