March 4th, 2008

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I can has nice smell?

I never quite understood the purpose of limited edition perfumes. Especially when they're really nice, very popular, and incredibly difficult to get hold of once they inevitably run out. I suppose there's a drive to make lots of money in a short space of time by playing on the 'limited edition release' idea, but I'm sure the companies would make just as much money by bringing out a 'permanent' perfume and selling lots of it over time. I mean, can you imagine if Chanel No. 5 had been limited edition?

My mother and I both fell in love with Escada's "Ibiza Hippie" perfume, which was a limited edition scent. She managed to get one a few years back on ebay after hers ran out, and I probably should have followed suit last year when I was hunting as there are now only a few left. The limited edition scent that Escada brought out after "Ibiza Hippie" was horrible, too. :(

Mind you, it's just as difficult to get hold of non-discontinued perfumes, and I need some more of Nina Ricci's "Belles des Ricci" scent, "Liberty Fizz" (the green one). Apparently you can still buy it in Boots and places like that, but I haven't seen it since it was popular in about 1997. I know it still exists, because people are still wearing it. ;) It's readily available on ebay, luckily, for a fairly decent price, so at least I can get a new one of that before it runs out entirely. It's always been one of my favourite scents, and considering I bought my original one when I was about 16 or so, it's lasted ten years. Mostly because I rarely wear perfume...

I am now watching a 100ml bottle of "Ibiza Hippie" and a regular-sized bottle (I think it's 50ml) of "Liberty Fizz" on ebay in the hope that Goldfish will send me a credit card.

I remember also never being able to find a tester of Anna Sui's "Ooh La La" so didn't end up getting any so might also look for that one... (Edit: Now watching one of those, too. :P)

Considering I never used to wear any perfume, I seem to have garnered a rather large collection... In order of when I bought / was bought them, I now have:

Nina Ricci - Belles des Ricci "Liberty Fizz" (green)
Nina Ricci - Belles des Ricci "Delice D'Espice" (yellow - I think that's what its called...)
Escada - "Ibiza Hippie" (used sparingly)
Anna Sui - "Dolly Girl" (shaped like a pink mannequin head)
Anna Sui - "Sui Dreams" (blue handbag)
Nina Ricci - "Nina" (red apple)
Givenchy - "Ange ou Demon?" (this is my 'posh' perfume. :P I was attracted to it because of the name...)
And another one that Paul's mum got me for Christmas, but I don't remember the name. I think it's a Margaret Astor scent. I like it more the more I wear it. :)

I've also got a Boots white musk roll-on thing that someone got me for Christmas once, which I wear occasionally...

As all of my perfumes have different-coloured bottles / boxes, naturally I colour-code them to whatever I'm wearing. ;) I do save some for 'best', though, like the Escada one and the green Nina Ricci. (I can still remember discovering that one, too - I was at Clothes Show Live because I did GCSE Textiles Technology and someone sprayed me with it whilst I was walking past...)

Anyway, that's enough about that.

I have my 1:1 on Thursday afternoon so will tactfully bring up the Sandra-taking-ages issue. Tomorrow morning I'm going to Court with Heather to view a hearing - apparently it's just a boring contact argument, but I need it for my PDR and nobody else offered. I could have viewed a hearing before the infamous 'Hippo', but I'd heard that he tended to turn away observers. Anyway, it all depends on whether the parents will let me stay...

I think I might get my hair layered during my leave. It's reached the stage now where I need to straighten it to stop it looking stupid, but the back is still a bit thick... I might go for that bob I was thinking of originally, but we shall see...

And now I shall sign this one off, as the lull in work has ceased. :)
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Life Rating thing

I did this ages ago and just randomly decided to do it again:

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

This is the last entry. Quite interesting... I appear to be more positive in terms of mind, spirit and finances (HA!), but more negative in terms of friends/family and love. Which is quite odd, but also quite telling. Apparently I'm still as (un)healthy as last time. :)
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