March 5th, 2008

Chicago - cell block tango


I went to Court today to observe a hearing. Unfortunately it wasn't anything juicy, but it was interesting nonetheless. The hearing itself lasted a grand total of half an hour (15 minutes of advocates only before lunch, 15 minutes afterwards with everyone) but we were in Court from 9.00 until 3.00, pretty much, with a break for lunch...

The Team Manager was lovely (she and the Social Worker recognised my name from having to send emails to them on behalf of solicitors) and also the Guardian was really nice. Counsel for mother was very abrupt and really reminded me of someone, though I can't put my finger on who... Solicitor for dad was a right slimeball, though. Really crawling and horrible. Still, it's good to put some faces to names at last. Dad made an effort to look smart but Mum didn't... they both looked like proper Jeremy Kyle fodder, though. ;)

Yeah. Interesting. The County Court was nothing like the big, Dickensian courtrooms I'd been envisaging up to now, though. ;)

In the break before regrouping at 2.15, I managed to get a black pinstripe suit in the sale in H&M for £25. Initially I was just going to get the trousers as they were a tenner, but there happened to be a matching jacket in my size, and that was only £15. I probably shouldn't have spent the money, but my only decent suit is pale blue and my black skirt doesn't fit any more (and my jacket is a zip-up, not as smart as I would like) so it's at least a decent purchase. I'd rather spend £25 for it than £55, anyway. :)

That's about it. Except that I have learnt the following: green pesto makes brilliant potato wedges; red pesto does not. :P