March 6th, 2008

Christine - pity

Character Interview Meme

I was going to do this meme, as seen on anotherusedpage's journal, where you take some of your characters and ask them some "about you" type questions... but I started it and then scrapped it when I realised that none of my characters (either in fanfic or otherwise) are actually that interesting. :(

More to the point, all of them are catastrophically whiny. In retrospect, I think they always have been...

Doesn't exactly bode well, does it?

For the record, I intended to use Minh (my Voyager Mary Sue), Mila and possibly Jorel, but yeah. WHINY. Every last one of them.

If anyone is particularly desperate that I fill it out, I will, but meh. Just once it would be nice for the Muses to come up with a character who has some semblance of a personality...