March 27th, 2008

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Fed Up.

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I'm clearly in one of those "the-world-is-annoying" moods lately. As it's only 10.15 and we've already run out of work (and I've done my fire training as well) this does not bode well for productivity today...

I'm going to Primark to swap the blue cords for the next size up later, assuming they have any left... if not I'll just get the £4.00 back or swap it for some tops or something. Primark is very good for basics; it's just unfortunate they display them on those silly tables so it always looks like a jumble sale and is impossible to find anything.

I tried to find a blain black zip-up hoodie in there yesterday as well, but the only one I could find had short sleeves, and was that awful velour stuff. I have a jumper-type hoody (a Nightmare Before Christmas one, in fact) but I just want a plain black one to wear as an extra layer. Nobody seems to sell them any more. I just wish there was a Matalan a bit nearer... I keep meaning to go to the one in Cape Hill after work one Friday and never have the money or remember to do it...

This is yet another rambling entry of not very much substance...

I posted chapter four of "Strange Glue" on Tuesday evening but it hasn't had many reviews as yet (only seven so far) - I'm sure there are several reasons for this. The category has been a bit quiet lately, it's Easter so the student population of FFN are more than likely not around, and the chapter contains no shippy action, only introspection. I know what sells, and as fun as angst may be, people like their shippiness - Ugly Betty's category is probably 95% comprised of shipper-fics, quite a high amount compared to other fandoms. Stuff like Farscape and Buffy seemed to have more individual-character-based pieces but I suppose those series had been going longer and probably had deeper characters... UB is only a couple of series in and has majoritarily shallow characters. ;)

Meh. I suppose I should try and do some writing or something...
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The other rant.

Almost forgot: the physiotherapy rant.

They sent me a letter, finally, asking me to ring up and make an appointment. Which is fine, except I have to ring on Monday to Friday between 9.30 to 12.30.

Yeah, possibly you could make yourselves slightly more employment-friendly? I meant to ring up on Tuesday but was so busy I forgot, and if I don't ring within three weeks they'll assume I don't want the physio.

Just... for God's sake, allocate me an appointment. If you're willing to disrupt my morning my making me phone you, you might as well go the whole hog and disrupt my entire workng life. I suppose it's to make sure it's convenient for me, but it's not ever going to be that convenient, is it?

Not only that, I have to traipse all the way over to Kings Norton, for some reason, rather than Selly Oak. I can only hope the appointments end up being late enough in the afternoon that I can go straight home afterwards, otherwise it's a bit of a jaunt.

Hm. I suppose I'd better at least check the Centro site to find out how to get there...