April 4th, 2008

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Interests Meme

Interests from my list explained, as requested by pandorasblog...

10086 - Norma Desmond's house number. I like having it as an interest because it always provokes curiosity. :)

ambigrams - a form of art where words read the same when turned upside down, or alternatively read a different word. Other forms include words appearing in the white space of other words. The cards Derren Brown used in his "Trick or Treat" series used the same princile - they read 'trick' one way and 'treat' the other, thus eliminating any element of choice for the picker... (sneaky bastard, that Derren :P) John Langdon does amazing ambigrams on his website; worth checking out... There also appears to be Ambigram.Com, according to Google.

entemophobia - what I have: my paralysing fear of insects. This interest is also one of my entry tags. ;)

not having a myspace - despite having a Facebook, I do not have a Myspace, and I'm quite proud of that. Given that I am not a musician, the concept seemed fairly pointless...

old factories - well, specifically one old factory, which turned out to originally be a tram station anyway. It's in Derby and I wanted to live in it. :) Everyone else wants to turn it into a nightclub, though.

ozme! - from the Farscape episode, "Revenging Angel", which was part-animated in the old-school Warner Bros. style and included John playing Roadrunner to D'Argo's Wile E Coyote. 'Ozme' was their equivalent of 'Acme', as the series was made in Australia.

swircularity - during an old comment tennis on Eni's DJ (the second public entry contains it in all its glory) we accidentally invented the word 'swicular', which was a combination of 'circular' and 'swirly'. Swircularity is the noun form, obviously. Swircularity in itself is the concept that everything comes back on itself in some form. Subsequently, the comment tennis became known as "The Swircle" because it was demonstrating very similar traits... :)

wispology - at one point, last_dance was the only other user who had this listed as an interest, until her LJ got hacked... Anyway, it's another Farscape reference, and is the theory that as the character of Bialar Crais gets gradually more insane/stressed, his usually neat coiffeur descends into a massive, wispy frizz. Thus far, this theory has held out. Which is even more impressive, considering we came up with it at 4.00am during an episode marathon. :)

Hope that clears things up.
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New hair.

Or rather, wedding hair...

Once again, the inimitible Scottish!Derek* at Supercuts has turned my ugly hair into something amazing. :) I've bought some wax/stuff/product from there as well (plus free shampoo, always a bonus) so hopefully it might actually work. He put layers in all over and forced it into an asymmetrical fringe over my right eye - whether I will be able to recreate it once washed will remain to be seen, but for the moment I'm very pleased with it. Definitely worth the hour wait. :)

Photo coming when Paul is back from badminton drinking. (The leisure centre messed up, apparently.)

Another bloke came in after me and Derek and Lorraine (other stylist in today) both adopted the same expression of disdain, as his hair was bleached blond and like straw. Lorraine tried to deter him by saying there was an hour and 20 minutes wait, and that the Supercuts in the Bull Ring is open until 7.00pm, but he was adamant he was going to stay. (Turned out he was going to a wedding tomorrow, so fair enough I suppose.) It's a shame the New Street Supercuts is only open until 5.30 as I'm quite sure they're much better than the other one. ;)

Also, the cut has made the different shades of red show up a lot better, so yay. Actually looks funky now instead of, well, grown out.

Anyone desiring a funky haircut, go to Supercuts and ask for Derek...

* I need some kind of differentiation between Derek Acorah, flatline2010 Derek and Supercuts Derek... not that I think anyone would get confused, but just in case. :)
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