April 10th, 2008

Photo - Atget mouth door


Meh. My sore throat from yesterday turned into a full-blown cold by the time I got home. Hence, I spent the majority of the evening feeling like death. Paul got me some more cold tablets from Sainsbury's (they seem to work, for once) and I had a relatively early night but didn't manage to get any sleep until my sinuses decided to open themselves up again.

Still have the cold this morning but it's not as bad as it was. With any luck it'll be another of those strange 24-hour colds like I had before, as I don't want it to linger around on Saturday. Luckily most of the Mahler is quite low in the voice except for the final section... I don't want to have spent all this time perfecting my top Bs and have my voice give up on me at the final hurdle...

As it turns out, I might as well have had the day off sick, as the majority of fee earners are out on training and hence the work is a bit thin on the ground. I just didn't want to get a NOC and/or only be in for one day this week, as the former is annoying, and the latter is taking the piss.

*wills cold to go away*

Personally, I blame the train home. Whilst it was chilly in Cheshire (ee, it's grim up north), it wasn't anything horrendous. On the journey home from Manchester I was sitting in a draft, which is generally worse than cold weather, especially as I didn't have my coat on.

Anyway, this morning I've filled myself full of sugar and vitamins (orange&lemon muffin from Pret and a can of their 'Red Defence' drink, which is full of good things) and hopefully I won't spend the entire day being starving... Last night I had about a quarter of Paul's tea in addition to my own because I was so hungry. (We had green pesto chicken pasta with button mushrooms.)

Naturally, as the sore throat had kicked in at about noon, I had to call off swimming, and judging by the fact I couldn't breathe properly by 8.00pm, it's probably just as well...

I am sleeeeeepy... Not due another tablet for two hours, either. :(