April 14th, 2008

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Can't remember when my last update was. This week hasn't been very eventful, really... In fact, it's been quite the opposite at work.

From Wednesday onwards I have been suffering with a cold, although the cold part only lasted a couple of days. By Friday night it had turned into a cough and by Saturday a bigger cough.

Which was nice, considering I was singing in Tewkesbury... I had a bit of a coughing fit in the Abbey during rehearsal and then another one in the concert later, although that snuck up on me during the orchestral movements and the lady next to me gave me a sweet, which seemed to help... The Abbey was also bloody freezing, as was the refectory room where we were getting changed. Just as well it was a tight squeeze on the tiered seating, really...

The performance seemed to go well... Tewkesbury is a marvellous place to sing but also very difficult; the conductor was miles away and also the acoustics make it quite difficult to keep time with the orchestra. There were more performers than audience, also...

I think I spotted a girl from work (who was also at KEVIHS, incidentally) in the orchestra. She recognised me at Ama's leaving do and her face was vaguely familiar; with a violin in her hand it suddenly became clear. ;)

Saturday night I went to bed early (well, 11.30...) and slept right through the night (although apparently with a momentary lapse when Paul came to bed and woke me up enough to remember to turn the electric blanket off). Naturally, I woke up on Sunday morning with a splitting headache at about 8.00am, laid awake for an hour until my alarm went off, took some painkillers, and went back to sleep for another three hours. Then spent the rest of the day feeling decidedly monged.

We went to the Kings Arms for Sunday dinner then decided against their roast when we got there (which was just as well, as apparently they'd run out), and watched The Cable Guy from On Demand as it was the only thing we could both agree on.

There is an away day for the fee earners today (again!) so obviously, there's no work to do. I almost pulled a sicky (being of the opinion that if I'm going to be paid for doing bugger all, I might as well be at home) but as I'm off on Wednesday anyway I decided against it. It's just not worth the hassle of a NOC if I'm off.

The trouble with the Council's stupid sickness policy is the majority of people will come into work when they're contagious to avoid getting a 'sickness period' added to their record and inevitably avoid a NOC, the upshot of which is they give whatever they've got to everyone else. Hence, "Council flu" epidemics, which I'm sure is what I've had and what Paul has now got. Also, if someone is going to abuse the system, they're going to be clever enough to get around it. You can go off sick for a week without a doctor's note; a clever person will use that loophole to get an extra three weeks of leave.

And also, if you are genuinely sick, you feel guilty about it. Or, well, I do, at any rate.

They're meant to be changing the system at some point but nobody knows how or when. As ever, the Council keeps everyone informed throughout. *eye roll*

Anyway, run out of work already. Very glad I can leave early today, even though my flex is taking a beating...