April 21st, 2008

JC - Jonathan - eww

Another hectic weekend

Starting with Friday. Having left work, I got to Moor Street to discover the police had blocked off the bus stop lane due to an accident. So I walked down to Digbeth Cold Storage to wait for the 50 there, only for the information thing to tell me there wasn't another one for 18 minutes. Ordinarily I would have just waited, but I didn't know if the buses were actually getting that far into town, and also we had to be in Solihull for 7.30 to see Drew's play, so I was in a bit of a rush.

So then I walked all through the market to get the 35. Luckily it didn't take long to get there, even though it was completely rammed and full of obnoxious school children. Yes, all these people coming up the stairs need to sit down. MOVE YOUR SELFISH ASS.

Also luckily, as it was still fairly early, the 35 didn't get stuck in traffic in Moseley. I picked up my prescription on the way home (wonder of wonders, they actually got it right this time) and dropped it in Boots, before heading back home.

Paul got back shortly after me and we checked bus times for getting to Solihull. Just as well we left with plenty of time to spare, as I'd forgotten quite how long the walk down Kineton Green Road was. Anyway, the play itself (Ghost Writer, about the ghost of a playwright's wife coming back to haunt him to help solve her murder) was very good. We ordered a curry on getting in, as it was too late to go to the pub.

Saturday, luckily, was quite sedate other than to get some bits of shopping (still managed to forget eggs, bread and juice, naturally). I watched the week's EastEnders on Replay as I'd miss it on Sunday, and made a lasagne in the evening for tea, which was quite nice.

Sunday involved our second Mahler performace in the Town Hall, which seemed to go a lot better than last week at Tewkesbury. It was easier to see the conductor, we weren't drowned out by the orchestra, and we weren't bloody frozen, either. (Quite the opposite, in fact, and despite having a much bigger changing room in the form of the lower bar, it was horrendously stuffy in there.) The ending is amazing and my heart was pounding afterwards.

We went for drinks after the concert with Derek and Denise, which was quite pleasant, although didn't get home until midnight. I seem to be reliving the reheated lasagne this morning but hopefully my earlier injection of fibre (a Pret 'love bar', full of oats and nuts and, er, toffee) will sort that out. I really need some cranberry juice...

Hopefully whatever has died in my stomach will pass on peacefully by the end of the day...

I'm on my own at work this week and so far, no work. There's a surprise.

And finally, my perfume has arrived! Despite the ebay seller saying there was no cost for P&P, I have to pay an £11.95 customs charge to collect it... meh. At least it's turned up. I was beginning to wonder where it had got to...

I suppose I'd better go and look for some work...