April 23rd, 2008

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A Mostly Pleasant Day

Today has been, by turn: stressful, mildly irritating, delicious, and too hot...


When I left last night at about 6.10pm, the work had accumulated in the tray (after a day of very little) at about 5.00pm when I was engaged in recreating a Court form from scratch for Ian. I booked in the seven or so pieces which had emerged and figured they'd keep me going for today. This morning when I came in the pile had bred overnight and grown fangs.

The new stuff included three amendments (all long tapes) and two urgents. I also overslept this morning because I was knackered (I presume the warmer weather lately has interfered with my sleeping patterns; of course, the second I change to the summer duvet it'll drop below freezing again...). I recall at one point in the middle of the night being half-awake and Paul rolling over to put his arm around me, accidentally poking me in the hip and me flailing like a madwoman... Anyway, thanks to being in a bit late Ian was all flustered because he had an Order to get to Court and so Gaynor M had to do it; apparently he accosted her on the staircase...

Mildly Irritating

When she brought it back she said she'd send Sandra up to get some work. Nearly an hour later, Carol turned up, by which point I was happily getting through the amendments and almost ready to start on the backlog. And then, of course, they were all over-enthusiastic in their helping, so by lunchtime the pile had dwindled...


Shaan invited me to wagamama to lunch, so at 12.00, off I went with her, Kate, Fahmeeda and Keith. I had the ginger chicken udon for a change (Paul and I are going on Friday prior to Jade's party so I decided against my usual chicken katsu curry) which was looovely. With the BOGOF vouchers it came to £7 a head - not bad.

Too Hot

On the way back, I didn't need my coat. This afternoon it's gotten gradually warmer and my anti-perspirant has been full of fail... although it's still lasted longer than most others, so Boots have, overall, not failed in that regard. I'll apply some Driclor on Thursday night just in case it fails again on Friday. The air con has been on for a few minutes but has now been turned off again. Looks like spring has definitely sprung.

Of course, whilst I was at lunch the majority of my work disappeared. I was only gone an hour, too...

Back to the mildly irritating - Sandra took a tape this morning (half a blue, which is the equivalent of a full tape; or, in English, 15 minutes-ish) at 11.30 and has only just brought it back. At 4.00pm. Apparently she'd just a WPO these days (or at least Wednesday-to-Friday) so I don't know what's taking her so long. Marie told me at my one-to-one that the rest of her team still think she's a secretary the rest of the time and keep giving her things to do, but she was supposed to have told Sandra to get WPO duties done first, not stop them to do other things. Meh.

Still, despite the mildly irritating, today hasn't been too bad. I was grumpy this morning (Paul didn't make sandwiches last night and then I was running late and couldn't be bothered to wait for him - just as well, what with the noodly goodness later... I think I need a wagamama tag. :P) but the coffee soon sorted that out. :P

I may leave a little earlier than intended today after all, assuming nothing desperately urgent comes in...
MH - Matthew - WTF?!

The Stupid: It Hurts - Episode 3

I'm officially making this a series. Episode 1 was Brian from Big Brother last year, and episode 2 was the hotel for the wedding, although as it transpired they were more than reasonable about it.

Anyway. Today's episode comes in the form of the aforementioned mini-article in Tuesday's Metro:

Gah. At the time this made me unspeakably angry, but now it just makes my brain hurt trying to imagine the utter stupidity. Like, she thinks all authors have ghost writers. That's the worst part, aside from the general "whuh??" factor of the quote. The fact that she clearly doesn't understand the concept of being a writer in the slightest also makes me twitch.

And anyway, I thought she'd gone back to being plain old Katie Price again these days, not 'Jordan'. Only when her publicity requires it, it seems.

The best part is, her kids' book (the one referred to here, not her autobiography, although I imagine she's guilty of the crime of not writing either of them) was called My Pony Care Book, which is either a reference-type book or, as Paul has just suggested, a picture book. If the former, would you trust her with live animals? If the latter, why on earth would you need a ghost writer?

The stupid. It hurts.

PS: I'm still not entirely convinced it's a real quote, because honestly: is anyone really that dumb? But at the same time... we all saw the photos of her wedding, right? ;)