April 24th, 2008

Buffy - sanity

Learn to Read!

Okay. So I send this email, right? It's from one of our Solicitors to various people in the Press Office to do with this Order we're trying to serve on local newspapers to stop them writing about a case. Anyway. The details aren't that important.

The Solicitor the email is from only works Monday to Wednesday. Last night she took the draft email home to check the recipients and then came back to me this morning by telephone to confirm them. So I sent the email.

The following should be noted: there is a nicely visible, non-occluded box just next to the To and CC/BCC fields stating "Please reply to [name of Solicitor]". (This unfortunately does not create an automatic "replyto:" or my life would be a lot easier; instead it relies on the recipient to read and comprehend the message and insert a different name to mine after they hit 'Reply'. Nonetheless, it's clearly visible. Not secretly hidden or subtle.)

In addition, there is a line in the email which states, "In my absence, please fee free to contact [Senior Solicitor] or [Principal Solicitor]".

So what do they do?

Frelling well ring me, that's what.

I don't even know how they got my number, as the call didn't come through the switchboad but directly to me.

I even said to the person, "I am just a WPO" but he carried on waffling on. Eventually, I just told him, "Put everything you just said into an email and send it to [Solicitor]", which he said he would do, but given he continued talking even after I implied I couldn't talk to him I doubt the email will get where it's supposed to go.

I mean, seriously: how difficult is it to read simple instructions? I could forgive missing the little box, and I've had enough emails-intended-for-Solicitors to forward on in my time (it amuses me when they don't even think to CC the Solicitor into the email either; do they think it will magically appear in their inbox, or that I am their Seekrit Identitee?), but manging not to ring either of the two people who could actually have taken the call? Meh.

I got used to random calls in Child Prtoection because it was easy enough to blag my way through them. I was perceptive and knew where people were, case details, random helpful bits of information. Attempting to blag my way through a Legal call? No way. Not going to try.

For the sake of my sanity: READ THINGS PROPERLY.

In other news: last night I finished chapter five of "Strange Glue" with some Daniel/Alexis-type silliness. Their conversation turned out to be a lot easier than I was anticipating, but probably only because they're forced to be nice to each other instead of sniping. Nevertheless, I will tweak it tonight and type up what I wrote of chapter six so that I can get that finished and get back to regular updates, hopefully. At this rate, it'll be Christmas again before I finish it. Which would be apt, but still... if nothing else I could try and get it finished in time for the fic timeline to coincide with real life. After the Christmas section is done it skips ahead a few months for the final chapter...

Apart from the above annoyance, today is a lot calmer as regards work. Which luckily means people are leaving me alone and not stealing my work. (Although Sandra has developed a new annoying trait of taking a piece of work first thing in the morning from the night before, and booking it in under yesterday's date. We're meant to start a new page for each new day, and anything which comes in after 5.15 [or 4.15 on Friday] gets booked in as coming in at 8.45 the morning after. It's a minor annoyance, but I'm a stickler for rules and it messes my book up. :P)

I'm going to get a clock CD/radio for the bedroom from Argos later. I barely listen to the radio any more (need an MP3-er which has a tuner, I think) despite the stereo being tuned to every station you could ever want, and need to get back into the habit. Also, the only CD player we have in the bedroom currently is a walkman attached to some really old speakers (the kind which plug into a headphone jack and don't require any power), so it would be nice to have a proper one in there...

Aside from that, the weather has taken a turn for the worst again. Was that Spring, then?