April 26th, 2008

MH - little boy lost


Okay, so the weather today has been nothing short of lovely, which was very much appreciated. Subsequently, the kitchen window has been open all day. Just before sitting down to get on the 'puter, I got Paul to shut said window and happened to be gazing around the kitchen.

Only to find, sitting on the wall over the cooker, a daddylonglegs.


For Christ's sake, it's not even summer yet! Why are the bugs out? And why do they always pick my living space to invade? GAH.

I now have insect-paranoia. It might be dead, but I've shut the kitchen door nonetheless....

Aside from that portion of horribleness, today's been mostly sedate. I got up this morning to go down to the post depot to pick up my perfume from ebay (note to self: leave feedback for seller), but having woken up with a headache I was a little out of sorts until at least 3.00pm. I got halfway to the depot before realising I needed to draw money out to pay the customs charge, so had to walk back again, and then forgot to get Paul's cigarettes when I was in Sainsbury's later.

So, haven't really done very much. Listened to music and done my puzzle book and put up a new washing line and that's it.

Last night we were at Paul's niece (Jade's) 16th birthday party at some random working men's club in Stirchley - or at least the function room upstairs. Her parents spared no expense (apparently it cost just under a grand!) and the whole affair was very impressive, if a little depressing... I mean, we were in the Old Fogies corner all night, surrounded by nubile young things with boundless energy, whilst I could barely keep my eyes open and just watching them was exhausting. I can still remember my 16th birthday party. It was a Hallowe'en party and had four guests, only two of whom stayed overnight. I didn't have that many friends.

Also met Paul's dad, which was an interesting experience given everything he's told me about him.

So, aside from feeling frelling ancient all night, I was also reminded of my own teenage years and how vastly different they were. My own life, in fact. I can hardly begrudge a 16-year-old when I was that age 10 years ago (meh...) but still, you know... kind of difficult to avoid comparing.

Also, if that's what 16-year-olds are wearing these days, it's no wonder half of them are pregnant. Jesus.

There were a couple of random amusements, though: Patrick (nephew) having a power nap for all of ten minutes before suddenly finding energy from somewhere again, and Paul deciding to inhale helium. Which really shouldn't have been so funny, but totally was. :)

Today we were hoping to catch Grindhouse at the Electric (which has finally redeemed itself for that reason) except because we only found out about it yesterday, naturally it was all sold out. There is apparently a showing at the Odeon on a Tuesday in May, which obviously rules itself out because of choir commitments, or it'll be on at stupid o'clock in the afternoon when most people have to work (these things always are, I find). Pretty annoying that we have to wait for a tour to see the films as they were intended thanks to a bunch of dumb Americans, but apparently there's going to be a 6-DVD set when it's released. It's especially annoying because I wouldn't ordinarily see either of the films individually and only want to see it because of the double-bill concept and the fake trailers, so, yeah - thanks, USA, for ruining that for us. You suck big donkey balls.

Anyway, this was meant to be a short entry. I am overly cranky thanks to suffering with a headache all day. I shall now sign this off.