April 28th, 2008

NBC - tower light


My back hurrrrts today. :( I wouldn't mind, but all I did yesterday was a bit of tidying up, and not even everything I wanted to do. I did the washing up and cleaned half of the kitchen surfaces before sitting down to watch 'Stenders, and then decided to put some washing out as it was sunny... and then, of course, had to bring it in again whilst still damp because it started raining. It's now drying on the landing because the bath was in use.

Paul did the kitchen and bathroom floors for me and I tidied up in the bedroom a little, and hoovered the worst bits of the living room, then changed the sheet on the bed/sofa and tidied that. So, nothing much, really, and my back is killing me today. Mind you, changing the sheet involved lifting the mattress safety pinning it, which might have something to do with it...

Next week, as it's a bank holiday, we're planning on moving furniture in the bedroom, finally. Also meant to have my grandmother over for Sunday lunch as a belated birthday gesture, so another hectic weekend. With any luck by emptying the wardrobes to move them, I can go through some of the accumulated junk in the bedroom and sort it out, as there are several boxes of things which may well be for charity that I've forgotten about...

I like rearranging furniture. Not the moving of it, exactly, but the spring cleaning it generates and the feeling of a fresh start. I like rearranging rooms, really, creating space. And it'll mean the computer will have a better home, we will no longer be frozen whilst surfing the internet in winter, and we can put the books up in the landing. All good things.

Luckily the sheer amount of work from Friday (seriously, it just kept on coming...) has overflown into today, so even though Noor is back from leave we're both quite busy. And I can calm down a little compared to last week, which was mostly insane... no wonder I was so knackered on Saturday.

Come on, co-codamol: kick in, already. :( Hopefully some light swimming later will sort it out.

Which reminds me. Note to self: TROUSERS FOR ALISON.