April 29th, 2008

MH - numb haven - K/Y

Slightly less owie.

I ended up going home sick yesterday at 3.00pm because I was in vast amounts of pain, not to mention feeling queasy. Still not sure if that was because of the pain or because of something I ate, but either way it made a bad situation worse. I tried to hold out until 3.30 (when I would have been allowed to leave in any event) but by 2.45 I was really struggling and desperately wanted a nap.

So I went home, lay down on the sofa and dozed fitfully for an hour or so until about 5.15, at which point Paul rang to check on me. I took more painkillers and met Alison for swimming, both of which seemed to help, and then spent the rest of the night on the sofa and had an early night.

It still aches a little this morning. I got some more co-codamol from Boots as they seem to work better than the apparently stronger stuff the hospital gave me, and with any luck it'll clear up by tomorrow. And then I can break it again on Saturday by moving furniture. :P (At least I'll have a bank holiday to recover, though.)

At least going home early in the afternoon doesn't make it onto my sickness record. I don't like doing it unless I really have to, but I was having great difficulty concentrating by the time I left and wouldn't have held out another half an hour. This "illness=tiredness" thing is quite weird and seems to be an offshoot of my glandular fever / whateveritwas, but I imagine sleep in any form is good for you. And after my nap I felt somewhat better rather than somewhat worse, which is a turn up for the books.

I should really get another physio referral...
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