May 2nd, 2008

Edward - butterfly

Asda Shop of Doooooom

£161 last night... which oddly, is £30 more than last time even though we didn't get any fruit or veg other than salad and a pineapple, as it's best to just buy brocolli and stuff fresh as and when needed. £16 was beer for Paul, £17 on some trousers and a top for me (dark red 3/4-length combats and a nice t-shirt), plus a box of wine (£12) and some more of the nice vodka (£11.50). So that knocks £56.50 off already. We got two HUGE bottles of Lenor softener for a fiver, which will probably last about a year. ;) Also, six packets of Supernoodles (clearly part of our 'healthy eating' drive... :P) for £2.00, which was ridiculous. And obviously, stocked up on meat (minces, pork joint and belly, steaks) and frozen fish and shampoo and juice and pretty much everything else.

I think next time I may order online, as the taxi is usually £7 and they charge £6 to deliver... Also I might not be so tempted by random offers as they ambush me...

So, that's that for another two months. Although tonight I need to get chicken and mushrooms from Tesco as I'll be cooking for Lisa on Monday - the ever-special chicken/gorgonzola*/mushroom pasta concoction.

TGI a bank holiday, that's what I say.

So far the plan is this:

Saturday - moving bedroom around. Should be knackering but cathartic. To include hoovering and dusting.

Sunday - recovering from above.

Monday - new tattoos, assuming the place is open. MUST SORT OUT DESIGN.

And then back to work. Also must book choir concert tickets this weekend before I forget...

Considering I didn't have time / forgot to vote (which would have been the first time ever) I'm pleased to note that Moseley/Kings Heath still boasts a Lib Dem councillor in the form of Mike Mullaney. He wrote our household a nice letter, which is more than the other candidates did. :P We may get a train station at this rate...

* Well, 'generic blue cheese' this time...