May 7th, 2008

Photo - Atget mouth door

Putting It Together.

Only one more rehearsal until the choir concert (excluding the one on the day) and it seems to be finally coming together... I've had random bits of Verdi and Borodin in my head all week. Despite initially hating the Italian, I now can't decide whether I prefer that to the Russian or not; both pieces have equally pretty bits of tunes, and thanks to my random phonetic spellings (and being drilled in it the other week) I seem to have learnt the majority of the Verdi already. The Borodin, not so much. It's a little repetitive but at least the tune is easy.

The Bizet and Gerschwin stuff is better because it's in English, and luckily the sopranos don't have any complicated harmonies to remember in the latter... I'm a little worried about our ladies-only piece, "The Card Song" (from Carmen) because it's still a mess, but experience dictates that on the day everything will be fine...

We started rehearsing the Beethoven mass last night, too, which is so far, so pretty. Everyone else seems to be dreading it, though, which doesn't bode well... ;)

Lovely weather today again. I had a temporary panic earlier when I thought my Driclor had failed, but it seems to be okay now as opening the windows has cooled the room down nicely.

At lunchtime I am going on a hunt for some new tights. My black ones are on their last legs (ho ho) and I have no flesh-tone ones, either. I need some of those hold-everything-in tights but can never seem to find any... might try Dotty P's.

And with that fascinating insight into my life, I shall sign this one off...
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