May 13th, 2008

Christine - I can't escape

One of Those Days

Not a good morning so far... Upon getting to work, I had to take the stairs because for some reason the lift decided not to work. Of course, it was fully functional again not five minutes later... And then MS Word decided to crash for no apparent reason (although it seems to be fine now, and I didn't lose anything important...)

And it's Tuesday, so I'm here until at least 5.45... meh.

I keep waking up at 5.30am lately, too. The same happened to Paul after we moved the room around, but to be honest I've been waking up at 5.30am for quite a while. Maybe I should just... get up when that happens. Do some washing or something. Mind you, last night we ended up going to sleep at about 10.15, which might account for it...

Actually, I probably should have anticipated this: the network went down last night at around 3.45pm and it's usually a portent of doom that work is going to be doubly annoying as a result. As it happened, I was leaving at 4.00 anyway, but unfortunately had to first solve the problem of what to do with the document I was working on. Especially as Word crashed, so I then couldn't open the other (already saved) document to print it off, and also (due to network outage) couldn't email the docs to the fee earner in question.

Instead, I had to print off the one that was open (and thankfully autorecovered) and save it to My Documents and then put a little post-it on the print-out saying that a) the network was down; b) the printed document is not on the network drive and I will move it tomorrow; and c) the non-printed document IS on the network drive and its reference is XXX. (Just in case the network came back later and she wanted to work on it...)

Which I didn't think was too complicated, but apparently so. Probably should have just left it at "I'll email them tomorrow".

I am constantly amazed by how the presence of a computer can turn ordinarily intelligent people (and in this case we're talking solicitors) into trembling balls of paranoid fear. And the way people manage to conveniently forget all the things they already know when faced with being asked to do something familiar in an unfamiliar way. Meh.

(The network is okay again this morning, but still a little ponderous...)

My tattoo is still healing, although some of the scab is weird and squidgy instead of crusty, mostly where it bled profusely. I should probably have a shower tomorrow and aid the falling-off process... At least it's not itching...