May 14th, 2008

Daffyd - Wide Eyes

Various Ramblings

I can't decide if How To Look Good Naked is inspiring, or merely depressing.

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Not entirely sure what I wanted to say there. I watch the series because I'm turning into a reality/health-related TV junkie (although more so the health-related) and because it's quite watchable in and of itself, but it always results in me coming to the conclusion that every participant on the show, despite their various body issues, hasa better body than me. So, really, the inspiration is rather overshadowed by the self-esteem.

Anyway, as a result of the above, I've decided to put a lid on my New Year's resolution of joining a gym, because it's May already and we'll never have 'enough money' to be able to afford the membership, and, well, I kind of wanted to have lost at least a little weight by the summer, which blatantly isn't going to be happen.

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Ugh, I really hope this is just PMT.

Anyway. Today the team is going out for a (staggered) lunch with a temp who worked with us for a while, as she's back in Birmingham from a brief stint home to New Zealand. Despite our suggestions a while ago that we should have a team lunch, we have some of us going at 12.00 and some at 1.00 so there's cover. I doubt we'll ever be allowed a proper team lunch... We're going to the Windsor, so at least it'll be cheap.

I'm meeting up with Clare (from Uni) later at the Green Rooms for a drink, as she has just moved temporarily to Birmingham. Should be nice to catch up. I don't think I've seen her since graduation and that was only briefly...

Aaaanyway. Enough with the whining and moaning. I'll post this and wait for my lunch.