May 19th, 2008

Farscape - Stark - hidden talents

Opera Concert

That actually went surprisingly well...

For once, aside from the markers in the front row, the seating arrangements were a free-for-all within the sections, so I wasn't stuck at the back. As for the performance itself, the majority seemed to go very well indeed. Someone felt the end of the Carmen was a bit lack-lustre but personally I thought the first act went brilliantly. I did miss one entrance in the Gerschwin, that I can remember, but it was the last note anyway so hopefully nobody noticed...

The two female soloists were both brilliant, the baritone less so although his voice was okay. (Our other bloke couldn't do it, but at least we didn't have to copy insane adlibbing in "It Ain't Necessarily So", as that would undoubtedly have ended up messy...)

Afterwards we went to a pub to try and get a drink with Jade in tow... which obviously didn't work as she's 4-foot-nothing and barely even looks her age (16), let alone 18... Paul and I wandered back there after seeing off Jade and his mum and went home ourselves via the chippy.

Chippies in Kings Heath are annoying. The best (and closest to us) is Oceanna. They close at 10.30, even at weekends. Considering they're right opposite the Hare and Hounds pub, I'm surprised they don't stay open later as they'd do an awful lot of business from the local drunkards.

Further down the road are Hi Tide (chips are okay, haven't tried anything else) and King Kebab, which everyone raves about but the only decent thing there is the chicken kebab meat. The reason its so popular is it's open late and opposite the Goose (horrible pub). Hi Tide and King Kebab are directly opposite each other and both stay open until silly o'clock in the morning.

A new chippy has now opened up our end of the High Street (Deeno's), which we were going to try on Saturday. Unfortunately, they have also not figured out (despite being a few yards up from the local Wetherspoon's) that they need to stay open later than 11.00pm. So: chippies in Kings Heath are annoying.

We ended up walking all the way up to King Kebab and it wasn't even that nice, in the end. They charge half the price of Oceanna for a reason, clearly...

Aaanyway, that was about it for Saturday. On Sunday we played seven games of Scrabble, went out to buy the majority of ingredients for our roast chicken dinner, and I watched 'Stenders. With the chicken, we tried to marinate it in some honey-and-mustard salad dressing (the theory being it was oil based) which succeeded in browning the skin but only infused the chicken vaguely with flavour. Still, I'll try it again with skinned chicken next time... We also had some roast baby button mushrooms and mmmm... lovely.

This morning I am cleaning the washing machine with a dose of white vinegar and lemon juice, as it's starting to smell again...

It's bloody freezing in here. Stupid weather. They had the heating ON whilst we had that brief heatwave last week and it's off this morning as a result and subsquently chilly. My fingers hurt. :(

In other news, I've just signed up for Lloyds TSB's "Save the Change" scheme, where every debit card purchase is rounded up to the nearest pound and the difference put into a savings account, since I use my debit card frequently and copiously. My plan is also to then round up the money in the savings account to the next £10 at the end of each month so it's easier to see at a glance how much is in there...

(My plan for credit card repayage is to take whatever they ask me to pay, round up to the nearest £10 and double it...)

I have also booked a week off from 16 to 20 June, although I fear this may immediately result in the weather conspiring against me. Who knows, maybe I'll put curtains up or redecorate or something. ;)