May 22nd, 2008

MH - take my hand - D/Y


Okay. So yesterday's entry was mostly about getting something out of my brain which has been fermenting long enough. Something incredibly minor kicked it off, pissed me off, and I figured venting it was better than stewing about it all day and sulking at work. I'm hoping that now I can just forget about it and get on with my life without worrying about this particular issue. What's done is done, and that's that. (Eni - remind me to email you, if you're absolutely deathly curious...)

Anyway, it obviously didn't help that I was tired yesterday. marz109 read the entry and then told Paul and he rang me up all worried, bless him. As a result we went out for food instead of finding something to cook, and went to Kings (local curry house) for a proper sit-down curry instead of a takeaway.

It was all very nice (mine had slices of boiled egg in it!), and the portions were actually a reasonable size rather than being enormous. As Paul rightly pointed out, when you go for a curry, nobody comes over to check if your food is okay, because they know it is. ;) We had a bottle of wine between us which for some reason made me very drunk/tired very quickly, so by the time we got home again I was exhausted. I did potter about online a bit (reading fic when half-asleep and tipsy is brilliant, by the way) and then fell into bed around 9.30, finally going to sleep about 10.30ish... no idea what time, actually. Early, at any rate.

So today I've had too much sleep instead of too little... Tonight I will attempt to be slightly more productive, as there's washing up to be done and I have to cook before Paul goes out for the gig later. Busy weekend for him this week: gig tonight, we're meeting his mates Vicky and Sarah tomorrow and then he's going to a Eurovision party on Saturday. It's also Pride on Sunday but to be honest, this year I'd rather just enjoy the extended weekend, especially as we no longer get 'Council Tuesdays' (obviously everyone else booked that one off before I could even think about it...) Here's hoping the weather is nice, anyway, as last year it rained all day and was horrible...

Oh, on a completely unrelated note, I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago and forgot. Courtesy of metalmikey666, God hates Goths now, apparently... I really want to think it's fake, but at the same time I suspect it may be genuine. Worth a look, anyway, for the sheer "whuh??" factor.

Aaanyway. Better do some work, I suppose.