May 30th, 2008

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Longest. Four Day Week. EVER.

Gah, I was SO TIRED last night. I left work at 4.45 and got home an hour later thanks to the worst bus journey I've had in a while... I decided to get the 35 because it was sitting there as I crossed Corporation Street and usually it's marginally quicker than the 50 as it's a slightly more direct route.

Possibly, when the doors clipped me as I stepped onto the bus because the driver hadn't seen me coming, that should have tipped me off...

The journey started out okay. We got as far as Highgate and then, er... well, I have no idea what the driver was doing, but somehow we ended up going down the Pershore Road, then turning left onto... Edgbaston Road? Whichever one it is with the MAC / cricket ground. Somehow he managed to get us back on track by the time we'd reached Moseley, but GAH. I was really starting to panic for a while. I mean, what do you do for the best? Get off and hope you can find another way home (if we'd gone any further down the Pershore I was ending to get off at the end of Fordhouse Lane and get the 11...) or just keep going and get irrevocably lost?

I suppose one good thing about Birmingham (especially that bit of Birmingham) is you can easily get back there, even if you can't get out again. ;)

Anyway, thanks to that journey (and also working full days all this week despite because of Noor's absence - I've soon gotten used to early afternoon leaving times) I was in no fit state to cook, so Paul did our stir fry. YUMS. (Remains of Monday's roast pork, fried until crispy, with green peppers, mushrooms, onion, garlic, and some Blue Dragon oyster sauce, with noodles.)

Watched telly for the rest of the night: My Name Is Earl and Big Bang Theory. Need to get both of them on DVD...

I did wake up once in the middle of the night at around 4.30am, which was quite surreal. I think I woke up as a combination of Paul rolling over to hug me and also needing the loo, combined with light coming through the curtains which made me think Paul had literally just finished reading and was randomly cuddling me, so I asked him to turn the light off. Most confusing.

I've been knackered all week, not to mention disorganised. Must get back into the proper habit of breakfast and packed lunches next week, and also not sleep horrendous amounts this weekend... I don't think it helped, really.

In other news, apparently the rest of season 2 of Ugly Betty was meant to start today, but apparently Celebrity Wife Swap is on instead, and obviously Big Brother starts soon after that. (Oh joy, more car crash television...) I checked the C4 forum this morning to see what the latest news is and apparently now it won't be on until the autumn. The US has had the season finale already and quite frankly, my patience is now wearing thin. (The reason C4 have given is that they had to plan their summer schedules whilst they still didn't know the outcome of the writers' strike, which I suppose is fair enough, but it would have been nice if they hadn't built our hopes up with S2 repeats on E4 and the endless torrent of complete and utter dross they were showing the UB slot on Fridays for the past three months...)

Anyway, as a result, I went to Amazon and have requested that they email me as soon as the season 2 DVDs are ready for pre-order. Up yours, Channel 4. :P (I wouldn't mind as much if I hadn't been waiting on seeing the end of season 2 before watching the season 1 DVDs Paul and I got for Christmas. I didn't want to start them because there are so many sub-plots that it would only confuse me. I may just make a start now in readiness for eventually getting season 2 DVDs...)

So, yeah. There we go.

In other news: the roofers are coming to fix the leak today, and I've hidden the washing that's drying in the bath by drawing the shower curtain across, just in case Trevor comes wandering in again (we're meant to dry it in the loft but it was so bloody cold up there I moved the drying rack downstairs). He'll probably go into the bathroom to look at the dodgy light pull, which will also be fixed next Saturday.

Also, we are having my grandmother over for dinner next Friday. Hopefully by then I won't be so completely knackered, especially as it's my turn to cook...

Which reminds me, we need to do a meat shop this weekend...

I shall now stop writing this entry before it gets even longer... ;)