June 4th, 2008

Christine - I can't escape

People are annoying.

I spent a bit of money today. Not all of it was for me, though...

First of all, at lunchtime I went to Zavvi to look for Alison's present*, and failed horribly because they were apparently in the process of refitting the entire store, and only a little part of it actually contained things to buy. The man on the tills was supremely unhelpful - "It'll probably be upstairs in the comedy section". Will it? Will it really? Hm. Funny how it wasn't, then.

So, having failed on that count, I instead got hold of a complete set of St Trinian's films for my grandmother (excepting the rubbish new one, of course) if she ever manages to come here for her belated birthday dinner at some point, the 2-disc special edition of Sweeney Todd and season 2 of Carnivále, which all came to £55. Not bad.

Then, after work, I went to Primark. It's absolutely the worst shop ever. Even at 4.00pm the queues are ridiculous. The thing I completely don't understand about it, though, is the way people just... leave things by the queuing area, as though they've suddenly decided at the very last minute that they don't want those shoes or that top. It's weird, not to mention lazy and slobbish. Whilst in Primark I got some new socks and some support tights, finally, and spent exactly £12.00 in there.

I had a little look in the new shoe shop that's opened where Topshop used to be but there was nothing particularly exciting there. It's like Brantano only not as good, really.

And finally, I managed to get a new swimming costume - £14 from Bonmarché. I am officially now a middle-aged woman (and if age is all in the mind, and I feel frelling ancient, why can't I retire yet? :P). But seriously? It should NOT be this difficult to find a swimming costume just because the rest of the known universe can (a) afford a nice tropical holiday or (b) is a stick figure. SOME OF US DO NOT LOOK GOOD IN BIKINIS. End of story.

Both of these shopping experiences were marred by the RUDEST SHOPPERS KNOWN TO MAN. If they weren't barging through me, standing in doorways, pushing me out of the way or prodding/poking/pushing me and my bag, they were just... there. Being annoying. Shopping is bloody annoying where other people are concerned.

Anyway. I think there are just a couple of other bits to get for Alison and I'm done.

*Ali - this is the present I mentioned which you might think was rubbish. It was going to be a complete, 6-DVD set of Eddie Izzard performances. I figured you already have them on video but it's always nice to have these things on DVD. Ah well. If I find it again you can have it for Christmas...