June 11th, 2008

Retro - coffee

Strange Realisation

I think I have palate memory. It's like a combination of muscle memory and sensory memory (when a smell or noise reminds you of a time or place).

I had a Pret oat-and-chocolate-chip cookie for breakfast this morning (shut up, it's got oats in, it's healthy... :P) and the sort of slightly gooey bit in the middle really reminded me of porridge. Or rather, of what I remember porridge tasting vaguely like the last time I had porridge, which was probably about 15 years ago.

Given that my tastes have changed quite a lot over the past year or so (Lloyd was incredibly surprised to learn about my new Adventures with Vegetables, but he hasn't cooked for me since about 2002 so its hardly surprising...) and I am a fan of oats in most things, I think it may be time to try porridge again. And even if I don't like it, I can use the oats to make biscuits. ;)

Cheap, cheerful, healthy, energy-providing. Yes. Very much of the good. I have two weeks in which to get used to it and perfect making it quickly, also, so this is very well timed.

As for last night, Paul didn't so much wake me up as keep me up, so today I'm very tired, but now also buzzed on caffeine. I feel like Homer Simpson when he had to be a truck driver. Wednesday is an annoying day of the working week. Two days down, but still two to go until the weekend.

I need to do an Amazon shop, I think. Alanis has a new album out, and there are a couple of books I want to get (not that I've read all the others I've bought yet...) and maybe some DVDs. Will see what's on offer.

I shall now sign this off before the caffeine buzz fills it with rambly pointlessness...
Derren Brown - Oracle


Well. We have a vaguely Derren Brown-themed layout. Mostly pleased with it other than the fact that the bloody entry borders simply WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY in S2 for some ungodly reason. Annoying. And obviously, LJ "no longer supports" S1 any more.

Anyway. There we go. Gone for a slightly different colour scheme than my usual, also...

Edit, 23.07: It's now vaguely more presentable. Tabular Indent remains the only layout I can do what I want with, but it's temperamental and annoying. I will probably tweak it again at some other point. I completely fail to see the point of being able to make entry boxes transparent when the "blank" command doesn't work for, e.g. the header / sidebar. Rather defeats the purpose.

Ah well. Expect temporary fritzing and changes if you happen to wander over...