June 17th, 2008

Photo - Meow

Weekend and Days Off So Far.

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Which brings us to today. Obviously, the PC is no longer broken, as I am typing an LJ entry. It didn't work this afternoon when I tried to turn it on but for some reason was absolutely fine a few hours later when Paul came home. Oh, and he managed to leave his keys at home today, as well as his (dead-batteried, admittedly) mobile. Cue me trying to get in touch with him via a very circuitous route involving 118 118 and attempting to send a text to his work email - I presume the latter was intercepted by the firewall, however. Anyway, I did manage to get through and he came home early to beat me going to choir and not being around to let him in.

More Carnivále later. Hopefully if the PC can survive a little bit longer we won't have to get a new machine just yet, so *crosses fingers* here's hoping.

That's everything. Must update food diary.