June 19th, 2008

NBC - tower light

Bloody hell.

PC completely non-functional yesterday, but started today. Hm. Sporadic, therefore, but at least it sort of works. I think buying a new machine may definitely be in the innings. As I've got it working fairly early today I think back-up of miscellanous files may be the plan for today.

Being PC-less has somewhat scuppered the majority of my productivity for the fortnight, as a lot of it was fic/website-related. Meh.

Paul was working until 8.00pm yesterday due to having to train people on scanning, so I ended up traipsing into town so we could eat. Luckily he has Friday off. I was hoping for a nice daytrip to a beach somewhere, weather permitting, but thanks to being PC-less I've not been able to check trains or anything... anyway, the weather will probably conspire against us, so we may just go to the monsters exhibition at the Gas Hall instead.

Nothing much to do today really. I've cleaned the grill pan this morning (it filled the kitchen with smoke on Saturday when I was using it) and will probably do the glass from the front of the oven later as it's gone an interesting shade of orange.

That's about it.

Whilst PC is working:

~ Back up scans and random new files
~ Write down Katie's address to send CD
~ Check internet-related stuffs
~ Order bike from Woolworth's online (I went into the shop and despite them having it at the front of the store, apparently you still have to get it ordered in. Um, yeah. Pointless much?)

That'll do. Am tempted to leave it on to prevent further breakage but gah, the electricity...