June 24th, 2008

Spuffy - with or without

New poota.

It arrived about 4.00pm. So far so good, except for a few teething problems. Am on the scrounge for some free Vista-compatible software if at all possible, e.g. firewall (there's one in-built for the router but I wouldn't mind having one on the PC itself) and anti-virus. Vista refused to install my illegal versions of Norton because they were pre-2006... Of course, it had no problems whatsoever with Office 2000. Wish I knew where my Office 2003 discs had gone...

Still, it is speeeeedy! And actually, despite some initial Skype/IE conflicts (error message whenever we closed IE!) Vista is totally not as annoying as I was expecting. Preeeeetty backgrounds.

Also, it does not like my printer because it's so bloody old there are no Vista drivers for it. Which means buying a new printer.

In which case:


It's a Xerox DocuPrint M760, with separate ink bays (i.e. one for black and one for each colour rather than one for all three colours) and the print quality is okay. It does still work. I have the installation disc and all the documentation that came with it. It connects via a parallel port.

I'm willing to sell for a tenner or give it away free to a good home. It's LARGE and NOISY and slightly temperamental but I don't really want to just chuck it and it's not worth the hassle of ebay. It WILL NOT WORK with Vista but XP will be able to find the drivers just fine... also suitable for Win 98 with the drivers on disc / downloadable.

Oh, and despite now being obsolete technology you can still get the ink cartridges online (and also much cheaper compatibles). The colour printhead was also recently changed for new.

Anyone interested?

I'm going to get a new one off ebuyer (new favourite place to shop!) but it's served me well for a fair while.

Any takers - or if you know anyone who might be interested - leave me a comment. I might also put something on Facebook.

Oh, other annoying thing - having forgotten that Yahoo!Mail refused to work on the other PC, I checked it today to find 35 unread emails - only 2 were spam which had escaped the filter, which is an improvement, at least... Most of those were a comment tennis between thefleshfailure and yoshi, a couple of Facebook notifications, several ebuyer / paypal confirmations, and an email from Woolworths saying they have cancelled my order. So - no bike. I will have to order it in the shop after all. I suspect, becuase they are selling the bloody things for £50, they didn't anticipate a rush of people buying them and have hence sold out. Would be about right.

Annoying. As ever, plans for fitness are scuppered. I don't know why I bother.

Also, I am missing our last choir rehearsal because I totally cannot be bothered / am tired / have backache / all of the above. I doubt I'll miss anything vital...

Next on list:

~ new printer
~ new camera
~ new MP3-player

Although if the bank give Paul a credit card he will buy us both new MP3-ers, so yay.

That's about it. Must download Semagic... and transfer fonts and pictures to hard drive tomorrow, and rip lots of CDs, apparently...